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Lingolinx is a flexible and versatile language service provider that specialises in translations into and from European and leading global business languages. We can work in almost any field, but specialise in translations in the following sectors:

  • Industry and engineering

    Industry and engineering

  • Corporate publishing

    Corporate publishing

  • Finance and law

    Finance and law

  • Energy sector

    Energy sector

  • e-learning


Translations for industry and engineering

Our clients include machinery engineering companies, niche market manufacturers, and automotive suppliers. More info

Translation for corporate publishing

Lingolinx delivers premium translations to the corporate publishing sector. Our customers include PR and advertising agencies, as well as the communications departments of international companies. More info

Translations for finance and law

Lingolinx provides translations for large, medium-size, and small companies in all areas of finance and law. More info

Translation for the energy sector

Lingolinx delivers translation services to the energy sector: our clients include utility companies, engineering consultancies and manufacturers. More info

Translations for the e-learning industry

Lingolinx delivers high-quality translations/localisations of e-learning courses. More info
Photograph of Hélène Le Roy and Jonas Larsson

Embracing diversity

It’s no accident that we ended up in Berlin, the most cosmopolitan of all German cities: Hélène Le Roy, conference interpreter from Brittany, and Jonas Larsson, communications expert with roots in Sweden and Germany. We worked together at various translation agencies for ten years before founding Lingolinx in 2008.

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The Lingolinx quality promise

Our promise is to deliver premium quality translations to our customers. This means translations which not only accurately reproduce the content of the original but also meet the linguistic and stylistic expectations of the intended audience.

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German Institute for Standardization (DIN, European standard) logoOur work processes relating to order, project, and quality management correspond at minimum to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05. This is guaranteed by our registration with DIN CERTCO, number 7U462.

Translation expertise

What do I need to know if I order a translation? How do translation memory systems work? The Resources section bundles together handy information for free download, offering background knowledge and useful tips for your work with translations.

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