Hélène Névé

Hélène Nevé

Project Manager

+49 (0)30 - 39 74 59-14


How did you get into the translation business?
After leaving school, I was an au pair with a German family for a year, and that’s when I hit upon the idea. Back in France, I then decided to study translation and project management in Rennes. I only intended to complete an internship at Lingolinx, but I enjoyed it so much that I started here permanently after getting my Master’s degree!

What do you most enjoy doing when you’re not translating?
I see friends, cook or explore Berlin in the places the guides don’t mention but are just waiting to divulge their hidden secrets. I also love travelling: sometimes to London, sometimes Amsterdam, Prague or one of the other major European cities.

What do you love about Berlin?
Although it’s the capital, it’s so peaceful and has many green spaces. Birds wake me at the weekend! But there’s always something going on. I love the snow in the winter, because we rarely have it in Brittany, where I come from.


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