Hélène Le Roy

Hélène Le Roy

Managing Partner

+49 (0)30 - 39 74 59-10


How did you get into the translation business?
I already knew I wanted to be an interpreter at the age of 13! There is a castle in Josselin, the town I come from in Brittany, and I worked there as an international guide when I was a student. After obtaining my diploma in translation, I worked for a year as an assistant teacher in England.

What do you most enjoy doing when you’re not translating?
Interpreting! And a round of golf! I’m on the ladies’ team at my local club. Apart from that, I love all kinds of games and everything that Berlin has to offer: concerts, films, pub quizzes and karaoke ;-)

What do you love about Berlin?
I only really intended to be here for six months – that was 15 years ago! Berlin? There’s nothing you can’t do here! Berlin is open and tolerant, and there’s so much to do, especially if you have children. I really love the way the city is in a constant state of change.

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