Translation for corporate publishing

Lingolinx delivers premium translations to the corporate publishing sector. Our customers are the communications departments of international companies as well as corporate publishing and advertising agencies such as muehlhausmoers and Publicis.

Corporate Publishing

Translation management for multilingual publications

Multi-lingual publications present their own set of unique challenges: the texts must be translated side-by-side, and each completed version requires a different amount of page space.

We can advise on design issues such as text expansion, manage the project on request or set your texts in the correct layout with our DTP services. Common text types are:

  • Customer magazines
  • Staff magazines
  • Website texts
  • PR and marketing texts


Your contact for corporate publishing:

Jonas Larsson

Phone: +49 (0)30 39 74 59-11


It’s one thing to deliver good translations. But Lingolinx is also extremely reliable and flexible, their project management is sound and communication is good.

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